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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Best Kitchen Gadgets

Blessington Doyles : -

Gadgets (top 6(!) but not in order of preference)
Potato peeler
Knife sharpener
Garlic crusher
Hamburger maker
Potato masher
Pasta measurer


At 12:06 PM, Blogger QuirkyKitchen Blogger said...

We decided that our most used utensil is definitely our chopping knife
and the the worst untensil we have is a milk frother, completely useless,
dont know what we were thinking!
Jenny Q

At 12:43 PM, Blogger QuirkyKitchen Blogger said...

a few things that I cannot live without in the kitchen

First of all I have a nifty little thing that removes the odours of garlic and onions off your hands, its stainless steel and you simply rub it on your hands while you wash them, a bit like soap......and it works (I will ask Andrew to send a pic on mobile phone) my sister found it in Oz and it cost about €5 (she may have kept the packaging, if your interested I can ask her). I was sceptical at first but am now converted!

A grinder for coffee beans for a decent cup of coffee

Le Creuset cookware, worth its weight in gold (and its not light!)

Spaghetti tongs - seemed liked a gimmick at the time but very useful - in fact the italians have lots of useful bits for specific types of pasta and usually nicely styled too

Baby's bottle - its great to use for measuring liquids, i will be keeping a few just for that!

At 12:48 PM, Blogger QuirkyKitchen Blogger said...

Joan & Dave’s Top Ten

1. Electric Citrus Juicer
2. Good Pan
3. Electric Carving Knife
4. Serving Dishes
5. Electric Tin Opener
6. wine Opener
7. Four Slice Toaster
8. Vegetable Peeler
9. Good Set of Pots
10. Plunger Coffee Pot

Bad Buys

1. Elaborate Coffee Maker
2. Yoghurt Maker
3. Free Standing Vegetable Trolley
4. Teapots that Leak
5. Food Processor

At 12:20 PM, Blogger QuirkyKitchen Blogger said...

Giff's Survey Results!!!

Brighid (46)

The item least used in my kitchen well there are two the first is the George Forman grill as it is a pain to clean and the second is recipe books as I only cook what I have tasted elsewhere and liked.

My top 5 items that I like to use are
1. Deep Fat Fryer
2. Casserole Dishes
3. Chopping knife
4. Grater
5. Good Cleaning Items as I make a mess when I cook

Ronan (36)

My top 5 items that I like to use are
Good Peeler
Excellent Knives
Sink Tidy
Hanging Pot rack

Don’t Use
Warming Plate
Handheld Vacuum
Fondue Set

Sinead (40’s)

My top 5 items that I like to use are

Frying pan
Measuring jug
Rolling pin
Bun Trays

Don’t Use

Elaine (42)

My top 5 items that I like to use are

Don’t Use
Yoghurt Maker

Ella (46)

My top 5 items that I like to use are
Sharp Knives
Wooden Spoons
Fish Slice
Metal Serving Spoons

Don’t Use
Melon Baller

Adele (late 20’s)

My top 5 items that I like to use are
Egg lifter
Spoon with holes
Potato peeler
Rubber jar grip
Can opener

Don’t Use

Jean (40’s)

My top 5 items that I like to use are
Egg Slicer
Bulldog clips for freezer bags

Don’t Use
Melon Baller

Jane (40’s)

My top 5 items that I like to use are
Kitchen knives
Wooden spoons

Don’t Use
Pizza cutter

At 12:38 PM, Blogger QuirkyKitchen Blogger said...

Commis Chef Connie

My five top utensils which I love to use whilst cooking are, in no particular order:

1 My Office Knife – To cut everything in the right proportion

2 Good Peeler – To peel minimum amount off veg, fruit etc ‘ Waste not Want not’ motto

3 Carving Knief – For slicing & carving meats, cheese etc, correctly and neatly

4 Whisk & Wooden spoon – Very essential items, you would be surprised how important these are

5 Strainer – Last but not least, a must in every kitchen, But always remember to strain into a large sink not a hand basin or small bowl. A bad scald is a sore thing & can take a long time to heal

At 12:41 PM, Blogger QuirkyKitchen Blogger said...


howdy quirkykitchen guys
sorry about the slow response but i come bearing gifts!!!
here is my list, in no particular order.
you most likely have them all by now.

Lemon Zester
Egg Slicer
Cherry Stoner
Asparagus Pan
Deodourising stones / Deodorising stones for our american friends!

we hope all is well in the terenure enterprise centre...
rock on!

At 3:15 PM, Blogger PtaliaHelicopter said...

WOW this Sharkface guy really knows the score....deodourising stones, asparagus pan....
(s)he's my hero.
PtaliaHelicopter (25/26)


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